Strada del sole

Xenia Lesniewski (DE)

18th - 24th of June


Opening: Friday, 17th of June 18.00 - 22.00

Open: 18th - 24th of June, Sat. and Sun. 14.00 - 18.00

and by appointment


Press - release:


It always comes down to the question, if one is average, or... It's a pretty, little plaisir-dress. The thing about safety. The one, you search for. It's a complete feeling of faintness. Because, actually, you turn twenty, then you turn thirty and then you begin to construct a house. Because, if you're sitting in an apartment by yourself, it's different again. Well, I also imagined it to be different. And one time the shit was floating and the loo was clogged. So I took one of those sticks, from the branches and pushed it down the drain. But, if one is doing well? You can't say it that simply. You can't just say: One is doing well – or - one is doing poorly – you just can't. And now I have been working for so long, I am actually a bit tired. It keeps getting harder and it really isn't pleasant. But you can't just say everything all the time, - it's like that or like that. And in reality you know everyone's looking down the abyss. And I am relatively settled somehow, but I depend on humans anyways. But you have to detach yourself from certain things. And it's better to detach, then to be stuck to them forever.


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