Untitled (yes), Juni 2019

Örn Alexander Ámundason, Magnus Frederik Clausen and Mads Lindberg.

Only Sunshine Available, Maj 2019

Emil Keller Skousen (f. 1987). Med udgangspunkt i tegning og collage, arbejder han med værker der ligger et sted imellem skulptur, interiør, keramik, tekst og lyd. Gennem traditionelle og utraditionelle gør-det-selv teknikker og eksperimenter, behandles og iscenesættes fundne og genbrugte materialer, motiver og lyde, vi omgiver os med i det daglige. Han er uddannet i fri kunst fra Kunst- og Designhøgskolen i Bergen. Sammen med Christian Dugstad driver han pladeselskabet Oblivion Dip.

Henrik Sørlid (f. 1989) bor og arbejder i Tromsø, Norge. Han har været medkurator på Kurant i Tromsø i perioden 2014-2018 og bidrog i 2018 til etableringen af den lokale interesseorganisation KIT - The Artists in Tromsø. Sammen med Camilla Fagerli arbejder han for tiden med en antologi om kunstuddannelse i Nord-Norge. Han har tidligere vist værker og deltaget i kunstneriske projekter i Brasilien, Storbritannien, Finland og Grækenland.


I want what you see, April 2019

Beatrice Alexanian, Kirstine Bjerre, Agnes Guttormsgaard, Elisabeth Thorsen, Alina Vasilchenko

Beatrice Alexanian (b 1991, DK) is working upon the principles and the potentials within sculptural and architectural circumstances as in carriers or containers. She is educated at the Art Academy in Oslo and Athens School of Fine Arts. Previous exhibitions include Kunstnernes Hus Oslo, Podium Oslo, Søby Summer Sculpture ’18 Biennale, TAM Veliko Turnovo, Teater Tribunalen Stockholm, The Italian Embassy in Athens, Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Goethe Institut Ramallah.

Kirstine Bjerre (b. 2000, DK) is working with ideas of energy, human behavior/experience, spreading the word of equality and cooperation for the dream of an ultimate society. Kirstines paintings range from large scale figurations and symbolism to smaller and more intimate formats. She has been a student at Billedkunst A og Billedkunst B på VERA Skole for Kunst og Design and Akademiets Skoler, Tegne og designskole.
Previous exhibitions: 3 paintings at PVC, Åboulevarden 9C 1635 København V and at Sagro, Birk Centerpark 24, 7400 Herning

Agnes Guttormsgaard (b.1954 NO) is a textile artist living and working in Notodden, Norway. She is educated from SHKS in Oslo (Now known as KHIO) and early in her career she made big sized commissioned tapestry work for hospitals, prisons and other public buildings in Norway. In the last years her work has been smaller in size. She works with the old indonesian IKAT dying technique, and makes transparent tapestries with nordic folklore ornaments contrasting abstract minimalism.

Elisabeth Thorsen (b. 1981 NO) is a Norwegian shoemaker and artist.

She graduated from the Norwegian shoemaker school in 2008 and has been making art out of shoes ever since. She approaches her projects with a unique angle as she is making pieces of art, not merely functional footwear. Her shoes have an aesthetic expression, pleasing to the eye as well as challenging to fully grasp. She likes to craft her shoes experimenting with unusual material not commonly used for shoemaking. Recycled material such as furniture, pencils, carpets, drapes and other unusual material such as ice, sugar and sports tape has all been included in her work.

Her inspiration is from fairytales, nature, art and 70s movies. She also does performances both live and in video productions. Her previous work has been shown at: Kunsthalle Budapest, Kunsthaus Wien

Alina Vasilchenko (b.1982 RU) is an artist and filmmaker based in Moscow. Her videos portraits modern people in a rapidly changing world, where they are looking for something that will remain constant.
Alina, born in Moscow in 1982 has studied filmmaking in the oldest Russian film studio at "Mosfilm filmmakers course" in 2008, which gave her the possibility to learn from professionals who worked with masters as Tarkovsky, Konchalovsky, Paradjanov. «Having worked as a film producer assistant for several years, I decided to try to make my own films using the experience and the simple technical equipment I have at hand»

 Alina has shown works in Rostov-on-Don, Berlin, Fankfurt, Saint-Petersburg, Cairo and many other places around the world, she participated in several international online projects. In 2015 she was one of the nominees of the Lichter Art Award in Frankfurt with "I Like Going to Pet Stores".

In 2018 Alina participated in the Pugnant Film Series project in Athens and exhibited in Western Michigan University and Alfred State College in the USA with "The Dying Pigeon"

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