Businessman on vacation

30th of May - 5th of June, 2014                                                                                   

Anders Hergum (NO), Karl Isakson (SE), Ihra Lill Scharning (NO)


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Hotel breakfast

Pleasant smell, early morning, nauseous body. Free Internet, news online. Air filled with bacon and coffee, noises of warm plates. Cutlery and sheets, dry and wrinkled. No sunlight, grey skies. Blinds up.

When will my son call, saying happy birthday? When will my x send jam from France?

I stayed in this suite for a week now. Should I flash my flesh when the housekeeper comes?

Should I read the rest of my friend’s novel while I work my way through the humid air by the pool?

Maybe then I could stare at people doing their check up on bikini lines and sunscreen spots.

Will I get tipsy on champagne and fill my head with thought about my son’s future in the music business?

Will he be a proud one and make his own ideas sharp and delightful or will he become a children flute-teacher?

How happy I feel. I got out of it. The voice in my head told me to leave paradise and be my own master.

And now, I’m doing ok by selling funky utopian furniture. I really enjoy it even though it is totally embarrassing.

Ihra Lill Scharning, Wave Epilogue, 11 min, 2014

How silent the ship has become

25th of April - 1st of May, 2014

Svend Danielsen (DK), Zardasht Faraj (SE), Nina Jensen (SE), Christina Reenberg Jensen (DK) & Michael Wurstbauer (DE)

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