SPOOKY PASTA, November 10th

Agnes Maagaard, Amalie Malthe Ludvigsen, Anna Aagaard Kofoed, Anna Bjørg Andersen, Birta Hlíf Gunnarsdóttir, Carl Holck-Larsen, Caroline Høgild, Cecilie Kvorning, Halvard Hauge Hornes, Katrine Amalie Jacobsen, Line Høgh Frandsen, Lise Riber Lucassen, Luca Fedele, Magdalena Kremers Bugge, Magnus Lind Nielsen, Mia Falbe-Hansen, Milo Myers Laris, Nicolai Fürstnow, Pernille Øiestad Myrvold, Tine Holmen Thomsen, Une Persdatter Brekke, Zander Vind

(curated by Cecilie Skov and Gisa Pantel)

Press- release:

I heard from my five year old cousin’s grandmother’s gynocologists’s

gynecologist’s ex-girlfriend’s friend’s prostitute’s father-in-law’s

childhood-friend’s aunt’s neighbour’s cat’s vet’s first wife’s former

colleague’s nephew’s kindergarten-teacher’s hairdresser who swears by her

boss’s father’s landlord’s highschool-sweetheart’s step-brother’s

foster-mother’s car-dealer’s co-worker’s yoga-teacher’s nutritionist’s

fortuneteller’s dentist’s dermatologist’s great-great-great-grandfather’s

grave that all of it is 100% true.


Urban-myth, friend-of-a-friend-lore and bonfire-ghost-stories have

found a new digital home in the width of the internet called ”Creepy

Pasta” – edited, shared, copy-pasted anecdotes of the uncanny and

monsters created by many Frankensteins haunt the online-sphere.


SPOOKY PASTA takes the idea of a crowd-sourced monster as a starting

point, but aims to give it a physical existence in the gallery space.


The exhibiting artists are students from the art-department of Krabbesholm Højskole.



Photo by: Carl Holck-Larsen


Do Re Mi Fa SØ La Ti Do, 26th of August

Röj Forlag (NO/DK), Moon Space Books (SE), Edizzione Mulicolore (DE), Furore Forlag (AT), Jarko (SE), Kld Repro (DK), Drucksache (SE/DK) and more…


Strada del sole

Xenia Lesniewski (DE)

June 2016

Press - release:

It always comes down to the question, if one is average, or... It's a pretty, little plaisir-dress. The thing about safety. The one, you search for. It's a complete feeling of faintness. Because, actually, you turn twenty, then you turn thirty and then you begin to construct a house.

Because, if you're sitting in an apartment by yourself, it's different again. Well, I also imagined it to be different.

And one time the shit was floating and the loo was clogged. So I took one of those sticks, from the branches and pushed it down the drain. But, if one is doing well? You can't say it that simply. You can't just say: One is doing well – or - one is doing poorly – you just can't.

And now I have been working for so long, I am actually a bit tired. It keeps getting harder and it really isn't pleasant.

But you can't just say everything all the time, - it's like that or like that. And in reality you know everyone's looking down the abyss.

And I am relatively settled somehow, but I depend on humans anyways. But you have to detach yourself from certain things. And it's better to detach, then to be stuck to them forever.


Birk Bjørlo, Signe Boe, Pia Eikaas, René Haustein, Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Daniel Kiss, Inga Krüger, Benjamin Zuber

May, 2016




You turn towards the bar, all seats are taken, but someone reaches over and passes you a sweet drink.

The taste of adolescence runs down your throat and you hear someone say:


“ You know that tale of the fox and the stork?

They invite each other to their homes for drinks, but the stork cannot drink from the fox's bowls, because they're too flat for his long beak,

and when the fox tries to drink at the stork's home, his snout can't reach down the absurdly tall glasses of the stork.

The moral – I suppose – must be that you should know your audience.”

“Or”, another speculates “it simply means, that form follows function.”



Allesverloren is both, a group- exhibition and a pub.

All artists made site-specific works for the occasion.



- Gisa Pantel




Carola Ernst (DE)

March, 2016



Future Shoe and Box - Face

Theodor Forsbeck (SE), Benjamin Orlow (FIN)

February, 2016

Press - release:

future shoe and box-face staring back at you

stock tile

flammable smile

spot on eye while writing

spots on eyes while writing

future mold-face talking about plants

spot-face talking with plants, in the future

exotic by coloring

sensuous shoe, filling a small squared space

partly lit room showing a new pallet

depriving contemporary smiles

Röj på SØ

December 2015

Sea of Love

October, 2015

Una Margrét Árnadóttir & Örn Alexander Ámundason

SØ is proud to present Sea of Love by Una Margrét Árnadóttir & Örn Alexander Ámundason

Una Margrét Árnadóttir (IS) graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 2013. Örn Alexander Ámundason (IS) graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 2011.

They usually work seperately but for this project they'll join forces. This will be their first solo-exhibition as a team.